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top 15 most popular dj drop scripts


From USA to Russia... This DJ Is killing it! Please welcome "DJ name here"


You... Are about to witness an Epic Experience... You're in the mix with "DJ name here"


Can you make some noise? Are you kidding me... I said, Can you make some noise! Right now live - "DJ name here"!


Put your hands in the air! For "Dj name here"


Ladies And Gentlemen, Please Welcome "Dj Name Here"


Let's make some noise! You're now tuned in to the sounds of "Dj name here"


Hey DJ "Dj Name Here" - Drop That Beat!


This party begins - now! This is "DJ Name here"


Making your night unforgettable! It's one and the only -"DJ name here"


Please welcome the king of the night! His Majesty - "DJ Name here"


We're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... And now... Put your hands in the air for "DJ name here"


The sexiest DJ on the planet playing the sexiest music... OMG! He/she is "Dj name here"


You want it?! Well you got it! "DJ name here" in the mix!


It's Your Girlfriend's Favorite DJ - "DJ Name here"


You're locked in to the number 1 DJ in the game! - "DJ name here"

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