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15 premade deep male dj drops for $7

100% premade dj drops with sfx, vfx and Deep American male voice. Ready to play instantly.

Listen to the demo here:

WARNING: Dj drops do not include your dj name, but we can add it for additional $40. You’l be asked for this add-on after checkout.

15 dj drops in 1 pack

Here is what's included

We have never create a pack like this! It is INSANE! 15 fully produced dj drops with sfx, vfx, amazing deep male dj drop and more. Our team give their best to create it and now we are giving for $7. It’s a bargain.

5 BONUS drops

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5 Short drops

Easy mix between songs

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Grab yours fresh, exciting, totally pumped up dj drops ready to play instantly after purchase! One time only offer – $7 for 15 premade dj drops.

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Fully produced

Dj drops are fully produced with sound effects, Vocal effects and deep Amercian Male voice.

MP3 delivery

Dj drops are delivered via Download link in MP3 format. All major platforms and softwares can read it. (320 kbps, 44100 hz, CBR)

vinyl, music, dj

Ready to play instantly

Dj Drops are already produced and ready to play instantly after purchase. Just plug them in software and play!

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Evergreen dj drops

Dj drops are made to serve you in every situation and on every ocasion including gigs, partys, clubs, birthdays and more.

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Expert Reviews

They already bought  a PREMADE Dj drops pack. Check out what they say.

hip hop, dancer, silhouette
Absolutely fabulous! Micro Jingles team was very responsive and attentive to my needs. I didn't convey my needs appropriately at first and he was very kind and did an outstanding job! Can't say enough about this huys! Great job! Will definitely use again!
Carl Keeper
Mike and all others! Wow! You did fantastic! I love it! Program Directors love it! Thank you very much guys! Great Delivery & Service!!!! Pretty cool!
Kayden Gordon
DJ, Host
I am very satisfied with my order, very high quality, great contact and fast implementation at a very good price! I would highly recommend ! 🙂 Regards LURUT ! 🙂
club ceo, DJ

It's never been cheaper

The only offer on the web which gives 15 dj drops for $7.

How to use them?

There is several ways… Check out below.

mix between songs

The most popular way to use this dj drops is to easier mix between songs and to make transitions even smoother.

add your dj name

You can add your dj name and create personalized dj drop. All dj drops comes with full licence use.

create powerful intro

Add your dj name and create powerful dj intro and introduce your listeners to upcomming dj set.

use them on live gig

Use them when you play live online or in front of the crowd. The possibilites are unlimited.

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