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We saw so many Djs. So many of you are calling with a simple question: “Guys, can you make some badass dj drops?”. Mike, Micro Jingles CEO answers Like aren’t our packages already Badass? And this guy is like: Yeah, they are, but we need something to break the rules, to make a sensation. And he continues: You know Jamaicans djs, they are making total mess from every live show and no matter how many people is in the crowd.

After that day it was crystal clear what makes sensation!

Behind every of these drops, there are hours of preparing scripts, listening to the Dj wishes, combining SFX, VFX, removing them and bringing back. All our production team as well as several outsourcing guys were working on this pack.

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5 URBAN male dj drops

5 Outstanding DJ Drops Customised with your DJ NAME With Urban male American Voice, Vocal Effects And Sound Effects.

DJ Drops included:

  1. Yo, yo guyz! The Dj is in the house! Please make some noise for (Your DJ Name here)
  2. Wait, wait, wait… Brace for impact! Mayday! Mayday! It’s your boy… Right here, right now! (Your DJ Name here)
  3. Your favourite dj is comming in 3, 2, 1… And we are live! Please make some noise… This is (Your DJ Name here)!
  4. Are you ready… Hey DJ! Turn it up! What’s up yall. This is (Your DJ Name here)!
  5. You’re now listening to the hottest dj! (Your DJ Name here)

You Just Have To Provide your dj name And We Will Produce Highly Engaging Dj Drops Ready To Play Everywhere.


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BONUS: 5 more URBAN male dj drops

We Will Add 5 More Dj Drops With Your Own DJ Name With Original Sound Effects And Special Effects Like Robot Voice, Club Enhancer And More…

DJ Drops included:

  1. You are listening to the sounds of (Your DJ Name here)
  2. Keepin the party going all night long! It’s (Your DJ Name here)!
  3. On the 1s and 2s, please make some noise for (Your DJ Name here)!
  4. (Your DJ Name here) – Right here, right now LIVE!
  5. Ladies… The sexiest DJ is in the house! (Your DJ Name here)


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BONUS: SFX Included

We Will Produce Highly Engaging Drops and all are voice, sfx and mastering included.


Get This for FREE When You Order Your URBAN Dj Drops Pack.

BONUS: DJ Name Voice only dj drop

Your DJ name Processed To Sound Highly Engaging, Powerful And LOUD! Just Place It Above Any Music! You Can Use It As Well To Protect Your Mixes From Being Stolen!


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Wow!! I’m Over The Moon With My Delivery! Will Definitely Use This Again! Highly Recommended!!!
April, USA
One Of The Best!!
2nd Time Purchasing From Them, Drops Sound Amazing And I Am Very Happy To Work With Them. And If I Need Anything Else Done, I Will Def Come Back.. Great Job!! 🙂
Kayden Gordon, USA
Awesome Job
Micro Jingles Team Was Friendly, Professional, And Patient. The Quality Of The Delivered Items Was Stellar And The Turnaround Time Was Quick. I Will Absolutely Be Using Micro Again When Our Radio Station Needs Updated Bumpers And Intros!
John Gentile, USA
Amazing quality

Michael Ilic

CEO, Micro Jingles

World Of Premium Audio From The Award Production Company

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