5 dj drops for $15

The aBSOLUTE best selling DJ DROPs pack is now AVAILABLE!

better than ever. Fully redesigned. and cheap as...

Destructor! Yours now for $15!

More than a pack of drops

Destructor pack gives you and your audience an experience, a sensation and a mind blowing set of DJ Drops fully produced with Sound Effects, Vocal effects and even a voice parts. After over 1000 packs sold, we can say that this is the number 1 most selling item in Micro Jingles webshop! (make sure to scroll to the end to see DJs reviews)

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5 F***ing amazing DJ Drops

5 DJ Drops are included. You can listen them in the demo video on the top of the page.I mean the drops are awesome! You have to try them. We had people crying after received them.

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Fast 2-3 days delivery

Delivery is up to 3 working days. BUT, if you want them eve faster, grab a 36h delivery at the checkout. Simply tick the option and that's it.

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Fully customised with your DJ Name

Yup, we will add your DJ Name in the each drop. And that's ehy they are so special. Extremely low price, DJ Name included, fast delivered and their sound is amazing.

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MP3 delivery via E-mail

We will deliver all the files via email - direct download link. Very easy, fast, no questions asked.

Is it real? $3 per drop?

Destructor pack is like super fu**ing amazing. 5 DJ Drops for $15?!?! That’s like $3 per drop. Where on Planet Earth can you get that??? NOWHERE! Guys wake up! These are real DJ Drops produced by real audio producer Mihael Ilic, and a professional DJ Drop voice artist Chris Howson. They produced 2719 audio elements last year only! That’s a lot! Check the reviews down below.

These guys and girls loved them...

Still want a proof? Sure, no problem. Here you go.

WARNING! Limited time offer

This offer will be closed within 3 days! ACT FAST! No more waiting! Brand new DJ Drops pack is waiting for you at only $15. Click the button and see you on the order side.


You ask – we answer.
Check these question and don’t miss a thing! Our support is always available. We respond to every email within 24h.

How many DJ Drops do I get?

You will get total of 5 fully produced DJ Drops with sfx, vfx and a male American voice. All the DJ Drops will have your DJ Name included.

How to download DJ Drops?

Within 3 days from the order placement, the drops will be delivered via email – a direct download link. Very easy and simple process available on Android, Iphone, Mac, Windows and all major platforms.

What if my DJ Name is pronounced wrong?

First, you have to make sure to give us all the details regarding the pronunciation of your DJ name. And if we still pronounce it wrong, the fix is on us. Most of the time revision is delivered within 2 days with NO EXTRA COST For a buyer.

I want to hear a demo before buying

That’s smart. Head over to the top of the page, you will see the video over there. Fast rewind to the 50 sec mark and wait for the demo to start. Drops will sound exactly the same, but with your DJ name.

final call- Clock is ticking

for $15!