Thank you for choosing Micro Jingles! If your audio is DONE You should found it somewhere on this link. If you don’t see it, it means it’s still in production.

Feel free to contact us using LIVE CHAT at the bottom of the screen.

CLICKING THE LINK BELLOW YOU’LL BE REDIRECTED TO SHARED GOOGLE DRIVE FOLDER (first button) or to dropbox folder (second button)

How to download the files?

1.Click on the link above: “Access downloads folder now”
2.Find your ZIP File
3. Click on it and in the upper right corner click on the Downloads icon like on the image below:

4. If you are on the phone, there will be three dots “…”, or “More” sign. Click on it and Click on Export file.
5. And you’re done. Once you download it, just unzip it using any of the softwares you have on you PC, MAC or Phone (Suggestion: WinZip, or FREE 7 Zip). Since you probably already have it, ignore this step.