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This Halloween's hottest DJ Drops

5 DJ Drops in a single pack. Scary, spooky and out of this world...

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Drops are scary... Epic... And ON 40% SALE!

Are you ready for an unforgettable Halloween? Well we are. And if you are a DJ (and there are 95% chances that you are) you should be excited too. Get prepared for the best Halloween ever! These DJ Drops are ON FIRE and ON SALE! More than 40% discount is already included.

BUT... This offer is limited! We evaluate each offer every 24h... There is a chance we will close it within 24h...

DJ Drop #1

Comes with the script "The spookiest DJ In the mix" and it's really scary!

DJ Drop #2

with the script "Playing nothing but the best bangers this Halloween" and we know you will be rocking this Halloween.

DJ Drop #3

"The scariest mix… From the scariest DJ on the planet…" is what drop #3 sounds like. This one is a banger!

DJ Drop #4

"Bringing you the spookiest vibes…" Short but F*****g amazing. You must have it in your library!

DJ Drop #5

And the most popular phrase ever in the DJ World, but slightly changed for Halloween "In…The… Scariest… Mix"


5x DJ Drops included

Our Halloween DJ Drops pack includes 5 DJ Drops, all Halloween related. And what's the best they sound the same as in the demo on the top of the page. And you can already know what you'll be getting. We will add your DJ Name at the end of each drop and you already know how they will sound, so you can't be disappointed.


Epic World known voice artist included

Do you recognise the voice behind the DJ Drops? Maybe you do form the worlds most popular clubs and even most popular DJs use voice of GT in their drops. GT Recently joined our team and we are ready to make you the best DJ Drops ever. Check the demo on the top of the page once again to hear his voice.

03. BONUS #2

Sound effects included

Sound effects are included in all the drops and you don't have to pay extra for them. They are already applied and fully mastered and mixed.

04. BONUS #3

MP3 Delivery

We all love MP3s and that's why we produce all the drops in MP3 format. And if you want WAV Delivery. just tick the extra at the checkout.

05. BONUS #4

Splited files

All the drops are already splited and delivered separately, so once you receive them, you can easly import them to your DJ Software and start playing right after.

Here is what our offer looks like

5 DJ Drops

5 fully produced DJ Drops with your DJ Name



Epic World known voice artist included

All the drops are recorded by world known voice artist GT (Powerful male American voice)



SFX Included

Sound effects included in all the drops. All Halloween related.



MP3 Delivery

All the files are delivered via Direct download link in MP3 format.


Splited files

Ready to use right after the purchase.


ALL FOR $30!
No subscription! No extra fees!
One time $30 for all above!

Frequently asked questions

How to download DJ Drops?

Once we finish production, you'll receive a direct download link stright to your email inbox. From there you will be able to download and use them. The second way is to create an account (our suggestion) when checking out, after the production, your drops will be available inside of your account (Download link tab).

What's the waiting time?

Usually we deliver all the files within 3 days. If you want them faster, you can purchase 36h delivery and we will deliver them within 36h or less. Just tick the extra at the checkout.

My DJ Name was pronounced wrong

No problem, we provide unlimited revision on DJ Name pronounciation. Just let us know via email [email protected] what's the correct pronunciation. It would be the best to include an audio file. Simple phone recording will be fine.

Is your shop safe?

Our headquarters is located in Europian Union and we are under heavy and strict Europian rules of how webshops should work. Our shop was reviewed and verified by PayPal, Stripe, Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Diners and many other world know credit card providers. Even our ads must comply with EU and worldwide standards, so each ad is double checked by Facebook, Instagram, Google or any platfor where we advertise on.

How to purchase?

It's very simple. Click on any of the big orange buttons and you'll be redirected to the checkout page. Fill in all the details, tick any extras if you want to and the process is done. Sometimes we will present you an extra offer available at the moment of purchase, you can take it or ignore it. Once the payment was successfull, you'll receive an confirmation email from our team.


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