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Let me tell you a story…
few months ago in Berlin. We presented our FREE template to a group of people…

they do huge podcast episodes even on TV, You tube, Radio. It’s huge thing! they wanted something more. Something better, something so cool..

We can call it SMART. 

You know, today we have smart watch, smart table, smartphone etc etc.

we came up with one idea… What if we can make unique template, designed specially for your podcast, your voices and your team?

And that was brilliant idea! 

So we get to work. we recorded all their voices, check their usual music beds, take a listen to a few of their shows. We bought over 100 artists from Fiverr, UpWork, VoiceBunny and spent nonsense amount of dollars just to be sure that anyone who will ever use this template will be happy with it. So we started.

Older male voice, younger happy voice, old school deep male voice, teen voice, baby voice, sad girl voice… Not enough…

Let’s dive deeper…

Voice recorded in bath, voice recorded in hall, voice recorded on phone, voice recorded with Neumann tlm mic (EXTRA EXPENSIVE MIC)…

DONE!! Finally! Over 100 participants were involved and finally it was DONE!

And now it’s here! Available to you for one time price!! LIFETIME Price!!

See What's Included in This Premium Adobe audition template That Will Boost Your voice, career and money.

Why you should buy it? it will save your time and let you do other things like podcast production, content planing, reading script out loud, cleaning your gear or most important… You will have more time to promote yourself! Insane, I know!

city, night, illuminated

Advanced Noise reduction

Now you can much more. Premium noise reduction gives you more. No more noisy rooms, street sounds, rumble sounds or noise from the outside. Everything is GONE in much better quality.

modern minimalist bathroom, bath, bathtub

Click - Pop elimination

Click – pop eliminator now reduces sound of clicks and plosives, but without lowering sound quality. It’s more precise and accurate.

fantasy, beautiful, dawn


Do you know those terrible “S” frequencies. They are usually called Sibilance sounds. And now they are gone from your voice.

chains, crane, industrial


Suitable for even more voices. Loud and clear! Yet, so nice and Levelled. Nothing more to say here.

surfer, surfboard, wave

Dynamics Compression

Something really cool. We added more warmth to voice and now we make sure all your silent areas are really SILENT. So if there was some breath, now it will be much Quieter. Also, now you’ll get less spikes in your audio form.

large hydraulic excavator, cat, 6030

Advanced Speech leveling

The most powerful way to level everything in your track. Great for podcast and radio. Different from FREE version, it don’t increase breaths loudness so much. It’s more Pleasant and focused on voice.

sound studio, mixer, fader

EQ Touch

Similar to FREE version with added clarity and reduced sibilance frequencies. Slightly increased bass.

cold drink, lime, drink


So cool stuff! This makes huge difference between pro and beginners voice over. It will give natural brightness to your voice and make those nice high frequencies shine.

stairs, gradually, feet

And a bunch more under the hood...

There are so many under the hood what’s going on… But it’s just too much. You will find more awesome tool once you bought it. We really just Scratched the Surface.

And all is included in PREMIUM version for one lifetime fee of $12!

IF you buy it today you'll receive 7 FREE bonuses that will sky rocket your career. Check out what's included.


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i needed first step to make my radio sounds cool...

“radio is gone.” That’s what i said when i Realised how hard it is to achieve good, quality, noise free sound without spending 500, 1000 or 3000 dollars on Professional studio. Then we made the best Decision in our life. Voice over template is soo cooool! Thank you Michael. And say hello to your stuff… Larissa was amazing!

henry bael

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After almost 10 years being in voice over world, working with hundreds voice talents, radio hosts and podcast hosts we crafted our top 5 voice exercises pDF.

It's unique one page document with plan and tutorial how to warm up your voice. You don't have to watch video, listen to long tracks. We put all together in one page document.

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Sometimes you just don't know how to get started, what mic should you use, how to process your audio. Or if you're pRO there are always few things you could be missing. That's why we created Top 10 voice tips PDF document to help you going.

Have you ever thought how hard it is to know ALL important things about topic you are interested in? It's almost INSANE!!! That's why we want to cover all the basics.

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BONUS #3 - Top 10 production tricks

Total Value: $56

We remember when we first started working in adobe audition. OMG!!! It was a nightmare! Where are effects? How loud should i be? How can I make this sound better? What are limits? Ooohhh....

I guess I would give all to have document like this one. It's our TOP 10 Production tricks PDF Document. One page with all important informations. Completely free for you today!

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BONUS #4 - Top 5 sites to sell your voice

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The hardest part when you just starting in a voice over business is how to choose wright platform for selling your voice. And it really is. There is so many sites and you can't be sure which one you would choose and spend time and money to establish your career there. HOPEFULLY, we did all this for you.

We created our top 5 list of go to voice over sites and what should you expect from them.

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BONUS #5 - Step-By-step tutorial

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Sometimes You Just Don't Know How To Get Started, What Mic Should You Use, How To Process Your Audio. Or If You're PRO There Are Always Few Things You Could Be Missing. That's Why We Created Top 10 Voice Tips PDF Document To Help You Going.

Have You Ever Thought How Hard It Is To Know ALL Important Things About Topic You Are Interested In? It's Almost INSANE!!! That's Why We Want To Cover All The Basics.

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BONUS #6 - Where to place your podcast?

Total Value: $44

When you come to a new city and want to go out for a drink. Where do you go? Out of the city in some small local Cafe or in city Centre? Chances you picked City centre are high! It's the same with your podcast. You should aim for "city centre" of the internet.

We covered that in brief mental map on "Where to place your podcast".

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BONUS #7 - Weekly voice training planner

Total Value: $23

It's easy and you just need routine. And here is how to do it in a short voice training planner. Most important parts in one page document available for free.

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"My Clients Are Surprised How Good My Voice Is. It's Funny But Now I Receive Tips."
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