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Micro Jingles

Worlds fastest growing DJ Drops, DJ Intros, Radio Jingles and Podcast audio production company with more than 1 Million views on social media channels, 10 000 Customers served and more than 5000 orders per year!

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Experienced, Educated, Certified and Talented Voice artists

Micro Jingles Team gathered industry leading voice artists specializing in DJ, Radio and Podcast industry. The base is constantly upgrading with new, fresh, exciting and modern voice styles, genres and languages.

Everything a DJ Needs on one place

These three items are all a DJ Needs to create an outstanding stage performance. An Epic DJ Intro, a set of DJ Drops and a set of Custom DJ Drops made according to your instructions.

DJ Drops, DJ Intros, Radio Jinlges and more...

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  • DJ Drops

    Micro Jingles is expert in DJ Drops production with over 50 000 DJ Drops produced since 2019 when the official shop lounched.

  • DJ Intros

    DJ Intros are great way of grabbing the attention and Micro Jingles can proudly present the largest collection of premade, custom and bulk DJ Intros.

  • Custom production

    If you have your own idea but struggle to bring it to life, our team will help! From idea to final audio element in less than 3 days. The entire team is all yours.

  • Radio production

    From CEO, to voice artists and producers all of us were part of the Radio industry in some part of life and that's why we can understand it and bring your Radio Jingle, Intro or Promo to life.

Over 200 000 Views on Youtube

This is most popular video on Micro Jingles YouTube showcasing Epic DJ Intro.

And finally... Meet the CEO!

Mihael is the CEO of Micro Jinlges. (People call him Mike). With the background in Business, Radio, Marketing, Promotion, PR and DJ Industry Mihael was one of the youngest Audio producers in the world. After more than 10 years that's not true any more (we are getting older unfortunately). No matter how many orders Micro Jingles has, he will still answer your messages by himself or produce your intro no matter what.

A question we get all the time

What is a DJ Drop?

We get this question all the time from beginners. And we are proud to say the answer. DJ Drop is an audio element used by DJs in 3 most usual ways: to make smoother transitions from song to song, to promote them selves (for branding), and for "watermarking" their mixes. DJ Drops are used live on stage, on live streams, or prerecorded DJ Sets, and on any other occasions.