Producing DJ Drops since 2010.

Producing DJ Drops since 2010.

You are one _______ away...

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With high quality, reliable and world known voice artist Micro Jingles can offer exclusive male DJ Drop packs.
With more than 500 units sold in more than 60 countries... These are our BEST SELLERS!
With high quality, reliable and world known voice artist Micro Jingles can offer exclusive male DJ Drop packs.
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You have 7 seconds to make an unforgettable moment. Because first 7 seconds is what most people remember forever.
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Micro Jingles is an audio production company specialising in DJ Drops, radio jingles and podcast production. With voice artist, producers, designers and composer from around the world Micro Jingles can offer wide variety of production techniques, voice styles and genres. With more than 3000 orders produced in last year only, and an average rating of 4.8 on Trustpilot Micro Jingles can produce what others can't.
We are Micro Jingles!

With a team of more than 20 full time voice actors and producers we can process almost any request. Fast delivery times with a high quality delivery in MP3 or WAV format will provide even better experience. Make sure to catch us live on our social media channels where we post every day.

Many beginner DJs ask us: What is DJ Drop? Well DJ Drop is an audio element where male or female voice is combined with sound effects in order to create an audio file used for announcing the DJ, mix songs easily, promote yourself or just to watermark your track. You can find more than 200 samples and demos on our YouTube channel where we post each Monday and Thursday.

Producing audio is not just about production, it's about making DJs famous. Every DJ Drop has its own purpose and we are giving our best to make each DJ Drop pop out!
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