A voice that commands attention, and drops that ignite the very essence of epicness

The DropStorm

#1 DJ Drops pack with 5 DJ Drops included

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5 DJ Drops included, sound effects, vocal effects and fast MP3 delivery within 3 days!

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Behold, the DJ Drop Pack of Legends!

5 DJ Drops, DJ Intro, Sound effects, deep voice and fast delivery.

***EACH DROP and INTRO get your DJ NAME***

5 DJ Drops

Get 5 modern sounding DJ Drops with your DJ Name inserted. It's the fastest and most affordable way of getting DJ Drops done.


If you order today, we will include DJ Intro as a gift to spice up this crazy offer!


The team behind the pack is a award winning voice actor Joseph. His brilliant voice acting skills can take any DJ Set or Mix to a whole new level.

SFX + VFX Included

Micro Jingles production team made sure to include brand new sound design in this pack totally suitable for the modern 2023/2024 sound.

Meet the duo behind the DropStorm

Every drop you receive is crafted by their hands (and voice).

The voice of thunder...

Meet Joseph

This is no ordinary voice; it is the voice of the ages, the voice that transforms your sets into epic sagas, the voice that commands the dance floor.


Joseph is a voice actor, a true master of voice recording. With his unique voice skills and more than a decade in the voice industry he is one of the leading actors worldwide. Your project is in safe hands if you use Joseph.

The Production of Lightning.

Meet Mike, Micro Jingles CEO

In the heart of the audio realm, there exists a luminary—a true sonic sorcerer, MRC Certified producer, and the maestro behind the Micro Jingles production. Mike is more than just a studio mogul. He is a radio personality whose voice has graced the airwaves of national radio and television, enchanting audiences with his captivating presence. Yet, his true masterpiece lies in the creation of the world's greatest DJ intros and drops—a symphony of sound, a crescendo of creativity that transforms DJs into legends.

What you hear is what you get!

What does that mean? It means you can shop safely. Because you know what you are buying.

And if you like the demo, you will definitely adore the purchased pack.

Drops are going to be the same as in the demo but with your DJ Name inserted.

10 000+

DJs Served


Yearly social Visits


Rated by third party agency


Artists and producers

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All these drops are included...

Here is a list of all DJ Drops included word by word. Check them all out and hit BUY NOW asap!

  • Warning: uncontrollable dancing may occur when the DJ is in control! DJ NAME HERE

  • If you're not moving yet, check your pulse. This DJ is on a mission to make hearts and feet pump! DJ NAME HERE

  • Caution! Excessive head-nodding and hip-shaking ahead, thanks to the musical masterchef - DJ NAME HERE

  • Put on your dancing socks, because here to sock it to you is none other than DJ NAME HERE

  • Buckle up, party people! This is!!! DJ NAME HERE

How to use your new drops?

This pack is different than any other pack you may have. Because each drop has its own purpose. We didn't just throw some words and sounds in and that's all. We were carefully designed each drop, each sound and each phrase with DJs in mind and all the situations you may use them.

In general, these are the situations were you may find this pack usefull:

Live gig

Online set

Mix on Twitch or Youtube

Club session

Private party

Special occasion event

BUY NOW for $23

Why DJs love Micro Jingles?

You will have to ask them. But here is what they told us...

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Epic DJ Drops pack

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  • 5 DJ Drops included

  • 1 DJ Intro included

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