Create the Halloween atmosphere you've always dreamed of.

 This Halloween DJ Drops pack is the secret key to an unforgettable 2023 Halloween party!

Filled with 5 DJ Drops (Customised with your DJ Name)


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These drops are included... With your DJ Name inserted.

5 DJ Drops included, sound effects, vocal effects and fast MP3 delivery within 3 days!

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Halloween is happening only once in a year! Let's make it creepy!

Revamp your Halloween party vibes with our Halloween DJ Drops pack! Elevate your event with spine-tingling audio. Create unforgettable memories and set the perfect haunted mood. Get your pack today for a spooktacular celebration!

All these drops are included...

Here is a list of all DJ Drops included word by word. Check them all out and hit BUY NOW asap!

  • The Spookiest DJ in the mix... DJ NAME HERE

  • Playing nothing but the best bangers this Halloween... DJ NAME HERE

  • The scariest mix from the scariest DJ on the planet - DJ NAME HERE

  • Bringing you the spookiest vibes... DJ NAME HERE

  • In the scariest Mix... DJ NAME HERE


The Drops that take the soul!

5 DJ Drops, DJ Intro, Sound effects, deep voice and fast delivery.

***EACH DROP and INTRO get your DJ NAME***

5 DJ Drops

Get 5 Spokey sounding DJ Drops with your DJ Name inserted. It's the fastest and most affordable way of getting DJ Drops done.


If you order today, we will include BONUS DJ Intro as a gift to spice up this crazy offer!


The team behind the pack is a award winning voice actor GT. His brilliant voice acting skills can take any DJ Set or Mix to a whole new level.

SFX + VFX Included

Micro Jingles production team made sure to include brand new sound design in this pack totally suitable for the modern 2023/2024 sound.

What you hear is what you get!

What does that mean? It means you can shop safely. Because you know what you are buying.

And if you like the demo, you will definitely adore the purchased pack.

Drops are going to be the same as in the demo but with your DJ Name inserted.

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Meet the duo behind the Halloween pack

Every drop you receive is crafted by their hands (and voice).

The Power Voice

Meet GT

GT is a 36-year veteran of the airwaves. Globally, he is one of the most sought-after voices for DJ Drops & DJ Intros, voicing over 2000 DJ Drops each year! His vocal style is the classic, deep & powerful "NYC Old School Radio" style that DJ's & Radio Stations demand they have as their imaging voice.

DJ Drops, DJ Intros, Radio Sweepers, Concert & Event Promos, Movie Trailers.... no matter what the project, GT is the classic "Power Voice" and is now available EXCLUSIVELY here at MicroJingles

The Producer

Meet Mike, Micro Jingles CEO

In the heart of the audio realm, there exists a luminary—a true sonic sorcerer, MRC Certified producer, and the maestro behind the Micro Jingles production. Mike is more than just a studio mogul. He is a radio personality whose voice has graced the airwaves of national radio and television, enchanting audiences with his captivating presence. Yet, his true masterpiece lies in the creation of the world's greatest DJ intros and drops—a symphony of sound, a crescendo of creativity that transforms DJs into legends.

How other DJs use the Halloween pack?

The Halloween pack has been designed specifically for the spooky season, featuring eerie, frightening, and chilling sound effects to perfectly complement the Halloween ambiance.

In general, these are the situations were you may find this pack usefull:

Live gig around the Halloween

Online Halloween set

Mix on Twitch or Youtube

Club session

Private party

Special occasion event

BUY NOW for $27

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Halloween male DJ Drops pack

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